Who Am I?


View More: http://lrochellephotos.pass.us/ebkrisHi! I am Ebony King. Native of Dallas, Texas. Founder of Better Than Before non-profit for at risk teenage girls. I love to worship with my family at clkchurch.org where my husband is my handsome Pastor. I am the overseer of our wonderful women’s ministry. I am a woman after God’s own heart! I am passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As a youth I thought that my finances and dating relationships dictated who I was and who I desired to become. I limited God in my dreams and therefore, my faith was limited.

But God continuously ordered my steps and allowed me to gain more exposure in Him. I have found that a life with limits is a life without God. There is freedom in Christ. I’m not talking about the freedom to self-destruct by continuously making poor decisions with no accountability; but a life without limits. One where you are free to be your God-given self. You are free to dream, hope, and believe in things that people with limited perception will never imagine or comprehend. You are free to live.

My ultimate desire is to live a life that is reflective of His glory.  I am a wife, mother, a friend, a sister, a preacher’s wife, a business woman, and the list goes on. However the greatest definition of who I am is undefined. I am undefined.  Each day I desire to inspire others through my lifestyle. Whether it be through my writings, spoken word, a joke or a simple touch, I just want to inspire.

My heart is most passionate about the growth and development of at-risk teenage girls and the women that many counted out in life. Why? Simple, that was me. That’s who I identify with. My life is a nonstop testimony of how GREAT God is. Though it would be really simple to give you a cookie cutter description of who I am. I won’t. The God I serve is greater. Each day is a new page and each milestone is a new chapter. I am just grateful that God has chosen to be my Author. – Ebony