The choices we make determine the roads we take.

I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a dry spell with writing for the past several days. Then today as I was driving I just began to think about the goodness of God. God has given us a very precious gift. That gift is the gift of choice. As I sit back and reflect on my past, I tend to ponder how is itchoices that individuals can come from the same household but yet live completely opposite lives? How is it that you can have the same mother, same father, and same values instilled in you yet you travel two completely different roads? Then it hit me. The choices we make determine the roads we take. God, our Father, has given us a blueprint through the Bible and has instilled morals in us by way of the Holy Spirit. But somehow we still manage to travel a completely different path than the one He had intended for us. We continuously make choices that are contrary to the life that God wants us to live and then we look at other people’s lives in envy. The truth is we all have the choice to do better and be better. But doing better is comprised of a series of choices that we make in our everyday life. There comes a time in your life when you have to stop blaming everyone else for what you’ve become and where you are. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What choices have I made to lead me to my current destination?” Make a choice to change your environment. Make a choice to change you. Make a choice to not make excuses or blame others. Make a choice to move forward. Make a choice to change your way of thinking. Make a choice to change your routine. Make a choice to be better. Make a choice to live a life with purpose. Our most difficult choices are usually the ones that are most life changing and liberating. There’s a road that leads to bondage and a road that leads to freedom. The one you take is up to you. The choice is yours.

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